Meet The Class of 2013: Thai Truong

Sep 12 2011

Thai Truong, known as Kaiyoon back home, is a young Cambodian man seeking to explore the cosmic boundaries of design and share it with the Khmer community. He strives to create, break, and fortify the boundaries of design with a 20oz Coca-Cola in one hand and a bag of Twizzlers Pull-n-Peels in the other. You will always see Thai with a cap.

Favorite work:
“Illustration piece done for a charity for a fellow design colleague who was fatally injured in a car accident. To help her with her financial woes and show support, I sold this as a print at a charity show curated by another colleague and myself. It sold plenty, bringing in nearly $2,000, which was were all given to our dear friend. It is one of the two in the set that invoked the most emotional experience from others that I’ve created.”