Meet the Class of 2015: Eivor Pedersen

Sep 16 2013

This was the project that landed Norwegian native, Eivor Pedersen a job in a newspaper in Norway. It stated out as a school assignment, which she further developed. “I even ended up writing an interview with myself which I later used as an job application,” she says.

“I chose to redesign the political paper Klassekampen. This because there are several aspects of the newspaper I really like, while I think it needs a proper tightening. The newspaper does not have the striking power it should have.”

“The highlighted boxes that tell in which part of the newspaper you are, is further developed to have several levels. I have also combined author-boxes and theme boxes for the articles,” she adds. “As a designer I feel the need to tidy up a bit out there in the world. To make important information easier and more accessible to the public, by giving it the right hierarchy and order.”