Meet the Class of 2015: Eren Su Kibele Yarman

Sep 13 2013

This summer, Turkish born Eren Su Kibele Yarman was asked to design freelance the brand identity and packaging for a new cafe in Ankara, an on-the-go food stop catering to urban professionals in a business district already overflowing with kebap joints, pizzerias and the like.

“My work on this cafe,” she explains, “is the one that I hold closest to my heart. From the logo to the menus, the lunch boxes and promotional flyers, I had brought this concept into life from scratch and although I had done freelance work before, this was the first time that I had designed a project on this scale and entirely on my own. This “happy kitchen,” as it proudly calls itself, was a source of personal happiness and a sense of accomplishment for me. I was especially thrilled with the logo and the pattern, that take their inspiration from the cafe’s interior design ubiquitously featuring red stools. What fascinates me in identity design is that every such project is as much about the process of getting to know a person and designing novel solutions for her unique self as the exercise of design itself. This human dimension of identity design, in my perspective, opens new possibilities and presents new challenges, which I have found to be a positive input in my own creative process.”