Meet the Class of 2015: Felipe Garcia

Sep 20 2013

In 2011 Brazilian Felipe Garcia’s did this project with two friends for his undergraduate thesis. “During the previous year, São Luiz do Paraitinga (a Brazilian country town) was living a moment of renewal and rediscovery of their local identity,” he says. “They were still recovering from a rainstorms that fell upon the city and caused great damage destroying great part of their architectonic landmarks and leaving many of the city’s inhabitants unsheltered.”

“Disregarding the status of the city at that time, São Luiz do Paraitinga has a great tourism potential, offering besides its architecture, a rich calendar of cultural celebrations. In this scenario, I can assume a relevant role, once that design is an important communication tool of transmission of local values, as well as an activity that generates plans with tangible results, capable of encouraging it’s tourism’s visibility and provide an improvement in the populations self-esteem.”

“So we decided to help them out with a place branding project starting with a family of logos, a new website and, considering the tourist who has already gone to the city, a large number of souvenirs and incentives to regional products. As a record of all our work, we developed a brand book with our research and brand guidelines.”