Meet the Class of 2015: Luisa Velez

Sep 23 2013

This is a “Study for Pedagogical Material,” a project that the Bogata, Colombia native Luisa Velez designed while working as an assistant for the Colombian artist Nicolás Paris. The project is currently in circulation and being exhibited at the 43rd National Salon of Artists in Medellin, Colombia from September 6th through November 3rd 2013.

“The project expands the form of an artist’s book into a sort of spatial-temporal device,” Velez explains, “transforming the appearance and meaning of a series of drawings and exercises by inviting the viewer and spectator to fold, cut, read, think, doubt, trace and talk about how art is the beginning of an experience.”

“It is an exploration of the possibilities between words, drawings, and exercises and how they relate to time, representation, and circulation. It is composed of a 62 page block, installations, workshops, interviews, and discussions that create indefinite constructions and paradoxes in relation to the material and the perceptive order of the work.”