Meet the Class of 2015: Marjorie Lin

Sep 23 2013

“Read More, Read Everything” is a booklet that was born out of Arcadia, Californian, Marjorie Lin’s own frustrations with the typographic grid. “I used photographs I had taken around New York City as the base onto which I would place personal dictations, reminders, and arbitrary data related to the image. With all of the elements of the page the same, I created one version on top of a fixed grid and the other on an organic grid that was an emotional response to the photograph. I wanted to answer for myself when it was more appropriate to follow intuition and spontaneity over systems and structure. As it turned out, I didn’t reach a definitive conclusion (and I don’t suppose I should ever). ”

“This project marks a turning point for me in a couple of ways,” she adds. “I realized first, that I was doomed if I thought I could solve this problem—that creative solutions to a problem are infinite. With production, I realized the importance of its backbone, and equally, the delicacy of its pages. Then I realized I was just barely scratching the surface of my projected design life—that I really needed to question all of my design choices if I wanted to continue to grow and develop.”