Meet the Class of 2015: Megan Daley

Sep 16 2013

One of New Jersey-based Megan Daley’s favorite projects was a personal study on modern etiquette—or more accurately, the lack thereof. “A long-time Jersey commuter, I noticed a startling trend on public transit,” she reports. “Few people would give up their seats to those in need. Soon after this revelation, I started identifying other areas where there was lack of consideration and just downright rudeness.”

“My observations triggered an idea. Common Courtesy: Encouraging Modern Day Etiquette. I designed a campaign to promote civility in a fun and humorous manner. In bus stations, I put up posters encouraging riders to make the journey pleasant for all. I distributed buttons, each with a different polite message. I placed signs around my neighborhood, reminding dog owners to keep the green space clean for all to enjoy.”

“I saw that my work was getting a response. It was making people think. That really excited and inspired me. That is why I’m so honored to be a part of the MFA Design, Designer as Author & Entrepreneur program. I can’t wait to see how I’ll be challenged, changed and work to elevate the value of desig.”