Meet the Class of 2015: Mohammad Sharaf (pt. 2)

Oct 07 2014

This week we introduce the graduates-to-be, the class of 2015 and what they consider the best work of the past year.

Meet: Mohammad Sharaf, Kuwait City, Kuwait

“Can design touches someone’s heart? I believe it can,” Mohammad Sharaf asserts. “This was the first project for Stefan Sagmeister’s class during fall. “I choose my audience to be the Speaker of the Parliament of Kuwait, Mr. Marzouq Al-Ghanim.

He was recently elected, and to my knowledge, he is the youngest to hold such position. I choose him because is ambitious, young, and willing to make a difference. At that time, Mr. Alghanim conducted a national referendum for the first time. No former speakers worked on such initiative. The main purpose of the referendum was to know the community priorities so he can lead the parliament to develop these issue during the coming year. Stefan pushed this project from being a personal calendar, to a captain band, till it reached its final form. Since Mr. Al-Ghanim is a big soccer fan, and he a former president of a major soccer clubs in Kuwait, I picked a soccer ball to be whats going to touch his heart. I picked the outcomes of the national referendum and illustrated them as a soccer coach tactics, prioritized as the public stated in that referendum. After all, politics is a game.

Because I was challenged me to make it the most gorgeous soccer ball, and because I couldn’t print on the ball, I had to write it myself. Stefan was a bit skeptical about the final outcome, while he was getting the ball out of the box, I remember he said ‘It is actually pretty damn good’. The ball sits now at Mr. Al-Ghanim’s office at the parliament.”