Meet the Class of 2015: Mohammad Sharaf

Sep 18 2013

“Today, I believe that a graphic designer should be an entrepreneur, problem solver, and social activist,” says Kuwaiti native Mohammad Sharaf. “Throughout the eventful year of 2011, I discovered new dimensions of social activism. The massive change happening in our part of the world drove me to start creating social/political posters calling them ‘Visual Reactions.’ I developed my style/niche,  after I got inspired from different artists, designers, and art movements.  Such as Constructivism, and Russian propaganda. My posters are critical of the system and politics in a unique way. They are bold, funny, social, direct and indirect. I use minimal  colors and elements in each art piece.”

“On April 2013, In Saudi Arabia, Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Vice, have decided to allow women to ride bicycles, as long as it was not for the purpose of transportation, and only if they were accompanied by a male guardian,” he explains. “I  read about the announcement in a newspaper and couldn’t believe it. I thought it was really funny, ironic and far-fetched, so I decided to create this piece of artwork, where I illustrated a literal demonstration of the  announcement, and  I called it ‘Allowed.’”