Meet the Class of 2015: Reham Ibrahim

Sep 17 2013

For the past 3 years, Reham Ibrahim has been working at LOWE, an international advertising agency in Dubai, where she handled all graphic design communications for Bloomingdale’s, since the store’s first opening outside the US in 2010.

“This New York Collection campaign was the biggest project that I’ve worked on as it ran in-store for several months,” she says. “I created a visual identity for the entire campaign based on a black, white and yellow apple, and to ensure consistency across all communication materials for the events and promotions that took place, I decided to use the apple as the main visual element across all collateral, whilst implementing it in a way that was relevant to each promotion or event. There were food festivals in-store, kids talent shows, an Andy Warhol exhibition, among many others. As for the campaign’s catalog, I created a storyboard based on the idea of “The New York Minute”, where every spread visually depicted a different part of the day in New York.”

“I designed the magazine layout, briefed the illustrator, worked with a copywriter and creative director, and also helped direct in the photo-shoot. I also designed the in-store and outdoor branding, and helped with the visual merchandizing of the store. Working on this project taught me how to work on large-scale projects, and how a simple icon can be used as a main design element across various communications with different messages and audiences.”