Meet The Class of 2015: Sasha Prood

Sep 09 2015

Sasha Prood, from Philadelphia, Pa., created this hand-drawn alphabet in 2012 at the request of Studio Lin, for incorporation into Glutton for Life’s website redesign.

“I was commissioned to illustrate a set of characters to be used across the site as both decorative and informative elements,” she says. “I developed these characters using inspiration from various items discussed throughout GFL’s articles. As the Studio Lin team visualized and executed Glutton for Life’s website redesign, my hand lettering was placed throughout the category headers, across the alphabetized recipe section and as the centerpiece of the ‘Glutton for Life A-Z’ section, which provides insight into what Laura is ‘all about.’ ”

“The themes of my work vary,” she adds, “but stay within the parameters of the organic, the natural and the scientific. Each of my pieces is a carefully considered composition of hand lettering, illustration or pattern design built with graphite, ink and/or watercolor paint. I use the computer as a (mostly invisible) tool to help execute my vision. With each new project, I push the boundaries of both the mediums I work in and the themes I work with to create unique final pieces.”

Creative Director: Alex Lin.