Meet The Class of 2016: Kaitie Trout

Sep 10 2014

For the next couple of weeks we introduce members of the Class of 2016 and an example of their favorite work prior to entering MFAD.

Meet: Kaitie Trout, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Kaitie writes: “The culture of beer has interested me ever since I was introduced to the world of American Craft Beer by my home-brewer brother-in-law a few years ago. It’s become more than just drinking a good beer with friends, but has turned an entire group of people into one big beer appreciating family. This cultural connection through the traditions and appreciation of the art of brewing drew me in and sparked an idea in me to create a collection of handmade products that would interest those Craft Beer drinkers who appreciate handmade beer.

Strange Times | Craft Beer in Revolt, was born out of this idea, and consisted of high-quality products featuring brush lettering, a simple color scheme, and that, at its core, connected home-brewers and beer drinkers through the commonality of their interests and design.  I worked only with small business that helped me print my products on high quality t-shirts and coasters and papers in an effort to support other artists, and made all of my hang-tags for beer myself with a variety of custom stamps and chip board. All of these products were for sale at my undergraduate senior show, and later went for sale online to reach a broader audience.”