Meet The Class of 2016: Kritbodee Chaicharoen

Sep 10 2014

For the next couple of weeks we introduce members of the Class of 2016 and an example of their favorite work prior to entering MFAD.

Meet: Kritbodee Chaicharoen, Bangkok, Thailand
Architect at Department of Architecture co.,ltd.

Elephant House Cafe is a coffee shop and restaurant project located in Sappraiwan Resort in Phitsanulok, the northern province of Thailand. Krit notes: “This project was a great opportunity for me to work on broad range of design discipline, from architecture, interior design to graphic design. The restaurant is located by the lake where there are elephants come to play water everyday. The building was designed to provide sense of adventurous and exploring experience while give a stunning panoramic view of the lake to the visitors. A glass house-like structure with translucent cladding materials allow natural light to go throughout the interior space which was decorated as an explorer’s camp.

“For the graphic work, the idea that this resort has real elephants came to my mind and it would be great if they can participate in my work. I talked to the owner of the resort if I can have real elephant foot print and he was excited to do so. It took him a week to train an elephant to give us a foot print and finally we got it. The foot print was used in everything from Logo, packaging to souvenir design for the restaurant.”