Meet The Class of 2016: Sarah Wilson

Sep 11 2014

For the next couple of weeks we introduce members of the Class of 2016 and an example of their favorite work prior to entering MFAD.

Meet: Sarah Wilson, Vancouver, Canada

“Failure is an essential part of my design process,” says Sarah Wilson. “I focused my 2014 undergraduate thesis on the effects of failure in the design process. After copious amounts of research I developed a mock-up of an online platform that facilitates constructive feedback and collaboration, which I decided to call Pivt. What makes Pivt different from any other collaboration site is the positive constructive atmosphere that is created through each user’s first post. On Pivt users are unable to fully activate their account until they have posted a failed project. This failed project post squashes any egos that might exist, establishing an even playing field for all users. Pivt is not a portfolio site, but a tool for designers to learn from failure, success, and process.”