Meet The Students: Akansha Kukreja

Sep 12 2017

Hello! My name is pronounced (uh-kaan-shah) so now we can avoid awkward greetings. I love collecting old matchboxes and all kinds of graphic novels. I’ve been born and brought up in the colorful city of Mumbai, India. For a long time, I had been interested in  the visual arts but it took me a while to be able to identify with the purpose and intention of my pursuing it. For my undergraduate education, I studied Visual Communication at a design school in Bangalore, India. After which I worked at a graphic design studio in Mumbai called Thought Over Design . This studio gave me the options and a wide array of opportunities across various disciplines such as illustration, print and publication design, UI/UX design, service design and all things in between.

These are two projects I enjoyed working on at the studio. SETU is the identity I created for a vitamin and natural-capsule based company in Mumbai. Setu means “bridge” in Assamese. Dr. Agarwal’s is an eye hospital in India which I created a website and web language for. I had never worked for or within the healthcare space and this was really exciting for me. I run my own project creating and screenprinting matchboxes back home. I also have a page called @easily_uninspired that uses text and found imagery to channel my existential angst into humor 🙂