Meet The Students: Felipe Pereira de Oliveira

Oct 03 2017

I’m a Brazilian designer leaving in NYC and trying to conquer the world. The project above is a response to the way creatives use the internet for inspiration.

It is common for most of us in the design, photography and even art world to access the same blogs and websites to get our creativity started. I find it being a problem because now a days many projects end up looking similar to everything else found on the web. My goal with this magazine is to have one famous creative per issue showing us how he/she gets inspiration from the outside world, from real experiences. Informing the young designers who are just starting their careers that inspiration should come not only from the internet but from everything that surround us, teaching these young professionals how to train their eyes to see things with a different perspective, helping them to understand that blogs and websites are a valid starting point but they shouldn’t be limited by it.