MFAD Letterpress @Roma

Feb 25 2014

MFAD is proud to introduce our newest Masters Workshop in Rome offering taught by Maria Pina Bentivenga  (University of Fine Arts in Rome). The Letterpress Workshop highlights:

• The design and preparation of text with letterpress.
• The production of postcards.

Maria joins our illustrious faculty:
Dr. Darius Arya: Archeology
Cristina Chiappini: Multimedia + Interaction
James Clough: Calligraphy and inscription
Louise Fili: Vernacular type and graphic design
Mario Fois + Mario Rullo: Graphic design
Paola Manfroni: Branding
Lita Talarico + Steven Heller: Entrepreneurship
Mauro Zennaro: Type design

May 25 – June 8, 2014