MFADers Flock To Learn

Mar 06 2018

By Akansha Kukreja

Flock is a platform started at MFAD 2018-19 through which the students share design skills, assets and findings with each other. Be it a documentary screening within the studio, or a beginners class on a software every designer wish he/she could learn. Through this platform, we want to be able to grow stronger as a collective of the MFA program at SVA. In the future we would love to expand to interflock to different MFA programs to learn skills far far away from our comfort zone.

Our Cinema 4D class was a prototype of sorts – to allow us to observe and understand the teething problems. Overall, it was beneficial to everyone who came – especially our instructor, who learned that teaching requires a lot of preparation and patience. The students felt that it was much easier to absorb information from a designer teaching them a design software because he was fluent with the relevant uses for it.