Mishwak, The Dry Way To Brush Teeth

Dec 11 2015

Miswak began as a design project at MFA Design, when Leen Sadder (MFAD ’12) and her classmates were asked to redesign the first thing they threw out after leaving class. Leen went home that night and threw out an empty tube of toothpaste.

While researching the history of oral care, she learned about the cultural and medicinal benefits of the miswak, a branch from the Salvador Persica tree. It is a natural toothbrush and the oldest method of oral hygiene. She designed a prototype for a miswak holder and cutter that would make it easier to cut and carry. The prototype was the first iteration of what would become The Cutter Case.

After presenting the final results to the class, she uploaded the project to her online portfolio and it went viral. Read more here.