Our First MakerBot: Part 2

Jan 28 2014

Part 2: Out of the Box. MFAD’s first MakerBot is slowly making its way through the studio.

Tenderly it was removed from its box (see yesterday’s Newsblog) by our resident MakerBotanist, Ron Callahan, and placed onto its temporary station. Then he gingerly reached back into the box for the user’s manual.

“Oh no,” he screamed as though IKEA forgot an essential part and he’d have to return to New Jersey.

“This is the first time in ages, I’ve taken something out of a box not knowing how to assemble it.”

Sweat poured through his pores. Frustration overcame his being, then under his breath he said “Now I may have read the instructions.”

Will Ron read the manual? Will his incredible skills be challenged by a mere machine. Stay tuned for more on the MakerBot saga