Part Sci-Fi, Part Horror

Sep 25 2011

Jared Barel (MFAD ’05) of Loaded Barrel Studios, the comic studio that brought you BRIELLE AND THE HORROR, announces the release of its first full-length, 120 page, nationally distributed live-action graphic novel GREY! Part Sci-Fi, part Horror, GREY is the story of a small town cop who must go on the hunt for the alien that is terrorizing his town!

Barel invites you to take a look at the live-action/animation hybrid trailer for GREY (“it’s only 1 minute… make sure to watch in HD!”):

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

GREY is available across the country through Diamond’s PREVIEWS now (item #: SEP111172).
Barel will be premiering GREY at the New York Comic Con.

Copies of GREY can be reserved at Loaded Barrel website.