Roma Day 11: Cristina Chappini on Math, Tomato Sauce and Stamps

Jun 09 2016

By Alicia Lo

This morning we had the privilege to see contemporary graphic design work by Cristina Chiappini. She gave us an insight on a variety of design projects ranging from corporate branding and product packaging to bitmaps and exhibition designs for museums.

The project that got my attention was the Madeinitaly exhibition design. It focused on educating people about mathematics and to learn about the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers. She showed us a video of the exhibition with the dynamic animations and kinetic typography. Having shown the lively graphics and geometric shapes made me want to be there. What got me smiling were parts of the exhibit that led to some responsive design where visitors would press buttons or make certain gestures or movements and be part of the motion as well. It looked like a fun and educational exhibit and the visuals were quite  stunning.

In the end, Cristina showed us an application called Icograda. Some us surrounded her laptop where we were able to see our faces in a unique abstract composition. Christina Chiappini’s work is definitely intriguing and inspiring.