Roma Day 5: Roman Rainy Day

Jun 03 2016

Photos by Esther Rro-Schofield

By Elieen Riestra

Not even the rain can stop us from roaming in Rome. Today we went to the Jewish Ghetto, one of the most ancient ghettos of the world. While walking in the streets that lead to the synagogue we found bronze stones with the names of deported, arrested and murdered Jews. It was very moving to see these memorials in front of the doors where they lived.

In contrast, In front of the grand synagogue there is a building with ornamental gates and on one of theĀ  columns read the word Guistizia created using a Stile Liberty typeface along with a beautiful iconic illustration of an angelical women.

This made me reflect on injustice to the Jews as well as to women.

From there we walked along the Lungotevere to Ponte Sisto where Esther Ro-Schofield described the studies for the art installation that William Kentridge created along the Tiber river, and currently on exhibit in the MACRO museum. From the bridge, we walked along Via Giulia, a 16th century street that was laid out by Julius II. This street with architecture from the renaissance designed by artists like Borromini has many churches, palazzi and other important buildings.

As a finale, we hadĀ  lunch at La Montecarlo, a restaurant that was established in 1986 and is considered to have the best pizza in Rome. We were split on whether we liked Montecarlo’s or ‘Gusto’s pizza better.

For me, both are delicious but La Montecarlo is more rustic.