Romablog: Welcome, Pizza, Gelato

May 26 2014

Photos by Esther Ro-Schofield

The first night of the 2014 SVA Masters Workshop (the sixth year) kicked off with Lita Talarico, Steve Heller, Esther Ro-Schofield and Louise Fili’s welcome reception for 16 participants at Hotel Santa Chiara, then pizza and vino at Gusto, topped off with gelato at the incredible Giolitti. Stay tuned for daily updates and follow on Instagram: #svarome14 #svarome and on Twitter: @SVArome @svaMastersItaly

Current schedule:

Sunday, May 25
7:00-9:00pm Welcome

Monday, May 26
10:00-1:00pm Orientation: Workshop Overview
Lita Talarico
Steve Heller

Tuesday, May 27
9:00-1:00pm Workshop (1): Italian Vernacular Typography I
Louise Fili

Wednesday, May 28
9:00-1:00pm Workshop (2): Introduction to Lettering
Mauro Zennaro

Thursday, May 29
9:00-1:00pm Workshop (3): Visit to Biblioteca Angelica & Walking Tour of Roman Inscriptions
Mauro Zennaro

Friday, May 30
9:00-4:00pm Workshop (4): Hands-on Lettering Workshop
James Clough

5:30-7:00pm Lecture: The Maker Generation
Lita Talarico and Steve Heller

Saturday, May 31
9:00-4:00pm Workshop (5): Hands-on Lettering Workshop II
James Clough
Project Declaration

Sunday, June 1 Work on projects

Monday, June 2*
9:00-1:00pm Workshop (6): Individual meetings
Louise Fili
*(National Holiday, Founding of Republic)

Tuesday, June 3
10:00-1:00pm Site Visit: Archeological Tour of Ancient Rome
Dr. Darius Arya

Wednesday, June 4
9:00-4:00pm Workshop: Letterpress at RUFA
Mario Fois, Mario Rullo & Maria Pina Bentivenga

Thursday, June 5
10:00-12:00pm Lecture: Contemporary Italian Design

Cristina Chiappini

2:00–4:00pm Studio Visit: Marimo
Paola Manfroni

Friday, June 6 Work on projects

Saturday, June 7
6:30 pm Final Presentation at Palazzo delle Esposizioni
8:00 pm Farewell Celebration

Sunday, June 8 Ariverderci