Rome Day 10: The Perfect Cookie

Jun 06 2014

Photos by Esther Ro-Schofield

by Jennifer Luckay

The afternoon brought us another boost of empowerment in the contemporary design scene here in Rome. Paola Manfroni of Marimo Studio is the mastermind driving her team to really explore the boundaries for clients. The studio itself was worth the bus ride, housed in a former pasta factory, it is a designers’ creative dream space located in the heart of San Lorenzo. Paola and the team, believe in insight, longevity and sustainable respect for both the product and for their clients. After viewing  samples of the company’s work and explaining their process, it is apparent the key to success of this award-winning company is to interrupt the norm and break the rules. Never settling either, “it took 15 cookies to get that shot right”. The result…”bring on the perfect cookie,” yelled Steve Heller.  More on Marimo: marimo.it