The Action at Interaction14

Feb 12 2014

Interaction designers from around the world converged in Amsterdam last week for Interaction 14 IxDA’s annual conference. Held at Westergasfabriek, a converted gas factory cum conference center on the west side of town, there was no shortage of interesting ideas from typography to studies of the 4th dimension, time.

Some stand-out talks were Amber Case’s presentation on privacy and ownership of data, Peter Bil’ak’s discussion on the relationship of language and type and Antonio De Pasquale talk on how time and motion graphics affect our everyday interactions.

There were also some unique perspectives such as Irene Au’s talk on body language and yoga for designers as well as Bernard Lahousse’s food pairing presentation where the entire audience experienced some  delicious treats together to demonstrate how our physical senses interact.

As a second time attendee of this conference, I can see it is just going to keep getting better. Looking forward to next year in San Francisco.

The talks were recorded and available online here.