Touching The Heart is a Design Problem

Nov 23 2010

Stefan Sagmeister’s annual “Touch Someone’s Heart” class has passed the two-third mark. Last week students presented Part II: Use design to touch a community, size 100-1000. (“Touching the heart” was interpreted loosely-really to move people in some way, to provoke, change their minds, delight, etc.)

Amid all kinds of fanfare the class touched one another too.

Photo captions from Top to bottom:

Stefan Sagmeister tries out a piece from Jesse Yuan’s giant educational puzzle, designed to bring together children of Columbus Park.

Katie Estes intervenes to alter perception of pit bulls.

Camille McMorrow and Bruno Zalum present “The Return of the Lost Sock,” with their guilty washing machine modelled by classmate Derek Munn. They also bestow silk screened packages on strangers in laundromats (lostsocknyc.tumblr.com)

Sooji Han presents her lovely project to touch the hearts of staff and clients of United Cerebral Palsy. Her posters are currently on display in windows along 122 East 23rd Street.

Adam Katz’s intervention sought to lift the spirits of Ikea-weary shoppers.

Tim Hucklesby and Elliot Walker share their project to thank and glorify food delivery people, in which they chased them down on bikes and presented gifts packed in Chinese takeout containers.

The class is delighted by Tim & Elliot’s footage of their intervention.