Tracing With Javi and Francisco

Nov 18 2015

Francisco Hernandez (MFAD ’14) announces “Aprendí con Javi'” (I Learned with Javi) and “Trazar con Javi”, the tracing app available on the app store now for iPhone and iPad and android.

Trazar is Spanish for tracing. Javi’s Trazar app is a fun way for preschoolers to begin to learn their ABCs in Spanish and English. This is a free trial version in a series of bilingual literacy applications. We asked Francisco how the project has developed:

How has Lei Lei changed since it was your MFAD thesis?
There have been many peaks and valleys through this journey. I’ve learned so much through my process of applying to fellowships and grants, working at Citia as an experience designer, and leading the team that help me build ‘Trace with Javi.’ The biggest change is the name, we are now ‘Aprendí con Javi’ (I Learned with Javi) because it expands the educational material we can cover. The mission has not changed at all, we want to help the Latino community bridge the education gap by strengthening literacy skills at an early age. We’ve expanded our audience beyond the Mexican-American community and we are putting more emphasis on parent engagement for future applications.

What is the future of the project?
We will continue to build multiple smaller applications each focusing on different literacy skills as well as parent engagement. The sole purpose of these smaller apps are to prove our abilities in product design, prototyping and user testing. All feedback is welcome from all those who download the app!

Send feedback to [email protected]