Walking And Thinking About Time

Apr 28 2016

Photos by Esther Ro Schofield

The Class of 2021 has a lot to look forward to. The Class of 2017 today on a sweet patch of grass, under blossoming cherry trees near the wild flower corridor on the west side of  Central Park prepared a time capsule with 20 visual commentaries related to time, from the joy of spending time peeling bark off of twigs to memories of 30 days of coffee, from the music that one student’s great-great-great grandfather composed to the hair lost over 20 days. The Class of 2021 will meet with the Class of 2017 when the opening will take place.

These, and more, was the result of Walking and Thinking, Maira Kalman’s Spring semester class where they walked, thought and went to Central Park, The Met, The Frick and elsewhere. Where nothing they did was commercial. Where everything they did was only proscribed by the requirement that it be made by hand.

The time capsule will be mounted in the MFAD studio and will not be opened until April 28, 2021. Sleep well.