Workshop Final Day: Concepts And Presentations

Jun 25 2017

The final day of the Masters Workshop In Rome ended with the presentation of the students’ entrepreneurial ventures. Here are six. The rest and their presentations will be posted at a later date, but for now, in order of appearance, here are two images each and a short description of their Roman type-inspired conceptions.



No matter where you go in Rome, it feels like you are on the set of a movie because it is so perfectly beautiful and charming. Inspired by this and the sign typography on Via Margutta (where Fellini lived) I created a typeface and a Fellini film poster series, each featuring a different typographic style to accompany the film.

STROZZAPRETI by Melissa Boucher

This is a simple, 8-bit-style video game infused with the sights and sounds of central Rome. In this game, a priest in robes flies through Rome, avoiding ancient Roman columns, evolving hierarchically, enjoying tasty edibles along the way. See video.

LUNA DE MIELLE by Dione Jensen

“Luna di Miele” (Honeymoon) is packaging design for artisanal Italian organic honey based on lavish Italian floral marble and stone works appearing throughout Rome.

TIPI DI TIPO by Heather Moulder

“Tipi di Tipo” or “Types of Type” is a collection of letterpress-inspired characters and ornaments inspired by Italian typography and architecture. This short chapbook of specimens offers a sampler of images designed to be carved and put to use, putting ink on paper.

TESSUTI DI ROMA by Amy Rumbarger

“Tessuti di Roma” is a collection of textile designs inspired by the colors, textures, and patterns of Rome.


A set of 25 vintage postcards (cartoline) that showcase the wide variety of great retro signs found throughout Rome. Inspired by the many layers of this ancient city — weathered signage and facades, painted buildings, manhole covers, and a particularly charming mail slot all contributed to the project details. Hand-lettering and photography come together to create a nostalgic collection of 1970s-era postcards. “Un bel ricordo di Roma” for those interested in typography, travel, and vintage collectibles. Keep the art of hand-written correspondence alive and send these from Rome!