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Seize Your Power Days

Most women (nevermind men) don't really know what's going on with their bodies. For instance, did you know naturally cycling women, who don't use any form of hormonal contraceptive, perceive and are perceived differently during different times of their cycle? Probably not.

Recently, I was listening to an episode of Dan Savage's Savage Love Podcast (#157) where he quoted an interesting, recent study published by Alvergne & Lummaa about the pill and how it affects women's selection of men due to changes in olfactory senses. Researchers found that women choose different types of men when they on or off the pill. But I was most excited about the difference in the way women picked men during different stages of a "natural" cycle. Another study by Miller, Tybur & Jordan from 2007 backs up some of those ideas by examining one of the few quantifiable pieces of data on this subject: the money making patterns of strippers during their cycle; specifially that these women increase there hourly earnings significantly when ovulating.

These studies showed that during the time of ovulation (in a 28 day cycle, days 11-17) women are undergoing dramatic changes in their body chemistry that affect everyone around them. I wondered, how could other women take advantage of the days in which they are their most powerful and seductive selves? Get a raise? Get a date? Sucker the hubby doing more housework?

The root of "Seize Your Power Days" lies in bringing awareness to women that they have a natural super power readily available to them for free once a month and utilize this power during their day to day life. This project deals with ways to unobstrusively remind women when their "Power Days" are. First and foremost, women need to be able to calculate when their "Power Days" are happening and, second, they need to be reminded when those days arrive in a way that can be concealed from others around them.

Designers: Lydia Reynolds