An End and Beginning for the Class of 2022

Apr 28 2022

Photos by Martha Fierro and Todd Carroll

The beginning of the end of the first in-person semester in over a year, took place on Tuesday, April 26. It was a joyful fete. Reliving the experiences of the class that bonded them for their first year online from all over the world, they became a close knit community together in New York City in Fall 2021. It is impossible to speculate whether or not their chemistry would have been any different under normal circumstances. The students are caring and supportive of each other, as they have been during other years. But the class of 2022’s trial by virus protocols gave them magical commonality that may not have existed without Covid.

In any case the class of 2022 made unique ties with each other and the faculty. They overcame and conquered. We’ll miss their constant presence. Now, on to Radio City Music Hall.

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