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ADC “Young Ones” Awarded To MFADers

May 17 2020
We are so pleased to announce that MFAD first (now second) year students were acknowledged as winners of the ADC “Young Ones” competition for their first semester work. (Click on URLs to see their exceptional collective and individual design and typography in the respective categories.) What a satisfying end to a difficult year.

Branding + Identity
Moontower Festival
Gold Medal
Students: Bill Chien, Rohan Rege, Fay Qiu, Ruolin Feng, Brandon Joseph
Teachers: Justin Colt and Jose Fresnada

Levitation Music Festival
Merit Award
Students: Tiffany Pai, Renee Freiha, Michael Kao, Tracy Huang
Teachers: Justin Colt and Jose Fresnada

Portfolio (various pieces)
Student: Fay Qiu

‘Where Are You From From?’
Merit Award
Student: Renee Freiha
Teachers: Stephen Doyle and Gael Towey

Design For Good
Reward Performers
Merit Award
Student: Vicky Chong
Teacher: Stefan Sagmeister
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