Alumni Gather, Talk and Eat

Oct 09 2018

Photographs by Julia Marsh

By Julia Marsh

To celebrate 20 years of MFA Design, alumni have been gathering across the city. Lita hosted a spectrum of former students at the most recent dinner, which included alumni from the very first class to the current one. Among them were Yifat Anzelevich ‘02, Deborah Adler ‘02, Laura Gunther ‘03, Travis Cain ‘04, Goeun Seo ‘16, Jesse Willmon ‘06, Kirsten Sorton ‘05, Martina Salisbury ‘00, Bridget Dearborn ‘14, and Julia Marsh ‘19.

Many of those in attendance have opened their own studios, work for powerhouses like Victoria’s Secret and Kiehl’s, and still make time to hand sew their children’s Halloween costumes or go surfing with dolphins.

No matter how much time passes post-graduation, it feels effortless to recall those endless days spent in the studio. For the latest news coming from SVA MFAD, visit our Instagram @svamfadesign.





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