A cartoon drawing of a woman's face using pink, blue, cyan, red and purple splashes. The drawing seems to be overlapped over a real black and white photo of a woman.
A colorful poster made from multiple flash messages with text NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! NYLON.
A set of posters with some 3D splash figure. On each poster there is the text: FREEZE FASHION AFFAIR.
A yellow, cyan, green splash colored poster with some red text on it.
A CD cover and case with some photos using the kaleidoscope effect. On the cover and on the disk there is a text: KIDEPO FOR YOUR EARS.

Alumni Spotlight: Kenny Batu

Dec 04 2017

By Kenny Batu MFAD '15

Since my graduation from SVA, I have been working at karlssonwilker inc. as a designer since 2016. Additionally, I’ve started a studio called YEAIKNOW with fellow MFA Design alumna, Eivor Pedersen.

The thesis forum forces one to prepare oneself on the knowledge of topic, backed up on research and explorations—through which one come to understand how to get the point across concisely. Although after graduation, I haven’t found myself speaking in front of such a large audience, but the practices leading up to the Thesis Forum have definitely made me a better presenter of the work during design meetings or pitches.

Much like how most people are attracted to this country, I find MFA Design as a melting pot. Not only are people from diversed discipline, the classes and lectures themselves also differ from one another quite a bit. In which, I believe is crucial for anyone who wants to work in graphic design, as a designer these days is expected to know much more than kerning and tracking.

Most people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on the course, both professors and fellow students, remains today to be my most valuable and trusted contacts in the design circle.

One of the benefits of the course is that one is constantly challenged by realistic problems (most often brought on by fellow students and professor who come from different backgrounds) that a designer can potentially face in the real world—as if MFA Design is Graphic Design career simulator.

Every point of the course has prepared me for graphic design more than I can imagine. Opposed to other design disciplines, the field of design constantly requires the designer to have the knowledge beyong graphic design itself. Depending on the neccesity of the project, it can be coding, woodworking, printing,  architecture, lighting, physics, and quite often—a good working understanding of math.

My advice incoming students? Work as much as you humanly can, rest will come later. Prepare yourself for opportunities as it might be knocking on your door at any moment.

Have a gander at www.yeaiknow.com. Feel free to reach out.


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