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Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Tamani

Apr 25 2019

Sarah Tamani, Class of 2018, is a visual artist, designer and art director. With clients ranging from Refinery 29 to Puma, her energetic illustrations and sense of humor are nearly always present throughout her work.

What have you been up to professionally since graduation?

I freelance for different brands (Refinery29, Lunii) and work full time as a creative designer at Nowadays, a Soho-based design studio with clients including Puma and A24. I am currently building an immersive art show called WE ALL LOVE LOVE (WALL) and I am really excited about this project. The event will showcase my paintings and artworks as well as immersive performances!

Tell us a bit about your most challenging and interesting projects.

I was extremely proud and happy to work for Refinery29 as a visual artist. Seeing my art exhibited at the 29rooms show was truly rewarding. The most challenging would probably be my immersive art show WE ALL LOVE LOVE. I’m responsible for managing everything from the location, the partners we’re working with, the business model, the creative, etc. It’s also been very exciting to push my ideas and concept to life.

Which designers do you admire most?

I admire so many people, but let’s say Joan Cornella for his spirit, Piera Luisa Gelardi for her bold, unique and forward-thinking vision and Paula Scher for her amazing quality and variety of work!

How do you stay inspired?

By not looking at IG too much and other “inspiration” websites. I think they kill inspiration and make people do the same thing. People tell me very often my work is unique and I think it’s because I focus on what I do and how I can improve without comparing myself to the others. I’m very inspired by people’s stories and try to express them through my artworks. Music also plays an important role, along with cultural and political issues (women empowerment, social media addiction, relationships, etc.) that really feed my inspiration.

We also hoped to learn what insight Sarah could offer now that she’s spent a year outside of the program.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Work work work. Stay positive. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Surround yourself with good people.

What is your favorite part of the MFA Design program?

We meet amazing people and have the chance to do what we love all day. It’s all about passion and vision. Lita and Steve are really visionaries and their program is one-of-a-kind!

What impact has SVA MFA Design had on your career?

It enabled me to meet incredible people, to be more organized and to know where to go to ask for help! SVA brought me so many opportunities and life-changing advice.

Check out Sarah’s Instagram, watch her portfolio reel “Magic Video,” and stay tuned for her show, WE ALL LOVE LOVE!

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