A photo of a group of people looking trough some artbooks.
A photo of a group of people looking trough an artbook and reading the content.
A photo of a man giving a lecture near a projection screen that shows what looks like old war propaganda.
A photo of a man with glasses giving a lecture, while sitting at a desk with his papers.
A photo of a man writing something on a piece of paper while sitting at a desk. Also some old styled magazines are on display near him.

An Historian with History

Oct 04 2010

Photos by Camille McMorrow

Keith Godard, who teaches design history in the MFAD Paul Rand Lecture series is history in his own right. With Louis Danziger, Godard founded the graphic design history movement with a series of lectures at Cal Arts in the 1970s. During the five lectures given on Tuesdays at MFAD he covers the bases, from Arts and Crafts to mid-century Modernism. Good show!


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