a group of people is having a snack in an exhibition room
a group of people is having a snack in an exhibition room with flat-screen tv behind them
a group of people is having a snack in an exhibition room
snapshot of a woman's face and a part of a tv screen and a table with wine and glasses in the background
a tv screen displaying a group photo of two men and two women
two women having a snack in a room full of people
a group of three women and a man is having a drink and a snack
Esther Ro-Scholied poster with deep blue and bright red
A poster with a portrait of a woman in black and white and behind her is a repeating text: ESTHER
two girls having and laughing in a room with a red wall and a tv screen with a scene of a fireplace on it
a portrait of a woman smiling
a picture of a man and a woman having a snack
photo of four persons talking
portrait of a man and a woman hugged near the snack table
picture of a cake with a green rose on it and written in red is Farewell Esther and near the cake is a red knife

Bitter Sweets: Holiday and Farewell

Dec 16 2016

To celebrate the holidays and all the hard work our MFAD students and faculty have put into this past Fall, a wonderful feast was had in our gallery. At the same time we also celebrated the departure of Esther Ro-Schofield, who for 13 years has been an integral member of the MFAD admin team and ultimately our Director of Operations (as well as Director of the Rome Typographic Workshop).

Esther is as extraordinary as an artist (painter, drawer, sculptor) as she is departmental manager — indeed we look to see great work coming off her easel. She will pursue a the creative career that she’s been building for the past decade. Esther you will be missed.

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