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Catching Up with Some Alums

Nov 25 2019

Jennifer Holcomb

Recently, graduates from the Classes of ’06 to ’16 came together to catch up with what they’ve been up to post-MFAD, from working in the finance world to the beauty sector and everything else in between. The alums swapped stories about starting new jobs, new families, new enterprises, and how pulling late nights in the MFAD studio perfectly prepared them for pulling late nights in their careers. Meital Gueta’s venture transitioned her into the world of exhibition design and the SVA MFAD network led Tim Cohan directly to Pentagram where he has been for five and a half years, just to name a few. Everyone pointed to how MFAD impacted the trajectory of their design career and how the knowledge and memories made here made all the difference. 

Those in attendance included director of technology, Ron Callahan, director of operations, Veronika Golova and following: Megan Oiler ‘06, Meital Gueta ‘10, Joanna Kuczek ‘12, Tim Cohan ’14, Krit Chaicharoen ‘16, Rachel Costantino ‘16, and Jennifer Holcomb ‘20.

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