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Catreen Yoon portrait by wooden staircase

Class 2021: Meet Catreen (Seung Min) Yoon

Sep 26 2019

Home: Seoul, Korea. Web:

This is a restaurant branding project I’ve created in collaboration with La Marmite French Bistro for my personal design consultancy.

La Marmite’s mission is to bring a piece of Parisien cuisine to Seoul through a rustic avant-garde lens by cooking old-fashioned French ingredients in new and elevated ways.

Throughout the branding process, I focused on bringing in the rustic Parisien charm. While the logotype is based on old French bistro store signs, the overall color story was inspired by the art of the great French commercial illustrator, Toulouse Lautrec. Lastly, a hand-drawn image of a boar, an iconic animal in French culture, hungrily looks into the marmite pot, adding a vintage fable-like quality. 

Overall, this was a work where the aesthetics, culture and message fell in place together in a relatively harmonious way and the client’s nostalgic reaction to it made this my favorite project. 

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