Harbor Bickmore in "The Worst Rapper Alive"
Harbor Bickmore singing in a microphone
Harbor Bickmore posing on the couch
Harbor Bickmore blowing an instrument
two fish in a bowl
Harbor Bickmore posing
Harbor Bickmore

Class 2021: Meet Harbor Bickmore

Sep 20 2019

Home: St. George UT, USA. Web: https://www.behance.net/harborb

Working as Pizza Water on The Worst Rapper Alive was the highlight of my undergrad at Dixie State University. This original track and ridiculous music video were a chance to show grow creativity in more ways than just graphic application. The goal was to dance the fine line between producing well crafted work and not taking myself too seriously. I had become somewhat jaded about design and wanted to explore other creative avenues, Music and video production were the next creative beast I decided to conquer and this project seemed like a great learning opportunity. Ultimately I wanted to make something I could simultaneously be proud of—and laugh about ever having done.

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