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Class 2021: Meet Ruolin Feng

Sep 09 2019

Home: Bejing, China Web:

One of my favorite works of what I have done is a project called Play Station. It is the name of a chain international kindergartens in Sichuan Province, China, where I volunteered for a summer. Play Station provides children 3-7 year-old with bilingual, joyful and close-to-nature living environment and at the same time offering them creative art and science classes, hands-on opportunities on carpentry and cooking, and various multifunctional rooms and playgrounds. The branding problem it faces is its colorful but busy design in general. I was asked to help design a consistent visual identity for the institution. Inspired by cotton candy and designer Katsura Matsuzawa, I believe that an organic, cloud-like design, which can be altered in infinite number of shapes, is able to interpret the friendliness and playfulness of the brand in a consistent, modern and fresh way. 

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