claaa oe 2022 thesis declarations

Class of 2022 Two Nights 13 Thesis Declarations

May 02 2021

The end of the semester came faster than anyone expected this year, but the MFAD class of 2022 was prepared to introduce their forthcoming thesis ideas to a committee of alumni and faculty critics. Thanks to Lauren Cantor, Justin Colt, Rachel Costantino, Jose Fresneda, Deborah Hussey, Bobby Martin, Mark Rabinowitz, Amy Wang, Ada Whitney, Willy Wong and Kibele Yarman for their wise and thoughtful commentaries on these two nights of 13 exceptional declarations to be pursued over the Summer and into the Fall.

Monday, April 26

Emily Roemer / Cross/Culture 
Where we share immigrants’ stories in the hopes of changing people’s negative perceptions of immigration.

Shukang Yu / Help New Creative Business
The emergence of independent design studios in China has increased substantially in recent years. We help them solve financial, operational and contractual matters.

Jennifer Bowles / INNOV8 
A tool, with eight categories, which encourages designers to purposely discover divergent and original solutions for design challenges.

Sue Young Kim / Invisible Poison
An app that identifies the dangers of common household cleaning products.

Shaoyang Chen / Tsuki
An atmosphere lamp that strengthens the bonding for long distance relationships.

Zimeng Dong / Soft Shelter 
An interactive exhibition that invites people to relieve stress through sensory experiences.

Ezra Lee / Lettuce
A highly transparent marijuana delivery service that is driven to not only educate new cannabis users but also highlight and reform pressing social issues.

Tuesday, April 27

Julia Hummel / Heartbeat
A dating app that engages the user’s sensory experiences to take an objective and holistic approach to dating.

Bingbing Zhang / Egg Shell
An app that guides people through stages of grief with a focus on memories of the moments you had with the one you lost.

Krista Lewis / The ISS
A community space centered around bathing in order to create a safe space for relaxation for queer and gender non-conforming people.

Harbor Bickmore / That That Creative
A platform for online design education.

Shuhan Lu / Acure
An app that provides guidance on doing acupressure at home safely for people who have common illnesses in order to help them cure in a non-invasive way.

Lilliput / Wei Wei
A centralized online marketplace focused on handmade, collectible and unique miniature items, Lilliput provides a better collecting experience for doll and dollhouse enthusiasts. 

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