Dan Blackman: “Own Your Ignorance and. . .”

Oct 15 2018

By Victoria Holod

The awesome Dan Blackman visited our studio this past week to talk to our first years about his experience as a designer. He is the co-founder of Huddle and an award-winning creative director based in New York City.

Below are some key points Dan graciously shared with the class on what he has learned:

  1. Own your ignorance: Reach out to someone that knows something you want to learn to teach you. 
  2. Sprint planning is your best friend
  3. Team growth doesn’t always lead to focus
  4. Trust your data and learn to let go
  5. Work on a mission you believe in
  6. A good partner challenges you
  7. Learn from your best users
  8. Be open to making dramatic changes

Make sure to download his amazing apps ~ Pizza Compass, an app that will direct you to the nearest pizza place (what else would you need?) and Huddle, an app that makes it easy for anyone seeking support to talk openly with others.

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