Deborah Speaking
The original boxes
Group photo
The CVS design
Adler with her patent

Deborah Adler Studio Visit 2019

Sep 23 2019

The first year MFA Students visited MFAD alumni Deborah Adler’s (MFAD 03)  studio in Chelsea. Deborah is most known for her work in the healthcare and wellness sector. Deborah famously redesigned prescription labels for her MFAD thesis. Her project, clearRX, was eventually implemented across all Target pharmacies. 

Deborah graciously presented the students with a summary of her work, including her collaboration with CVS and redesign of catheter packaging. In her presentation, Deborah shared her belief in the importance of visiting the “gemba” or “the place where work is done” in Japanese. She made special mention of her once time boss and mentor Milton Glaser.

Students were excited to get a glimpse of her studio’s current projects.  The visit ended with a Q&A session. Students left undoubtedly invigorated about the scope and impact of design on everyday lives.

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