Bohem album packaging
Brett Young album packaging
detail of Zoe Keating album packaging
Haruomi Hosono vinyl cover, sleeve and LP
Grayscale Nella Vita vinyl cover and sleeve
JW album packaging, vinyl sleeve
Brian Eno album packaging
Fever by Megan Thee Stallion album packaging

Design at 33 1/3

Oct 24 2019

Tiffany Pai

In their first assignment for Justin Colt and Jose Fresneda’s “Type For Masters” class, MFAD first-year students picked ideas out of a hat, or rather, two hats divided into art movements and musical movements. Art movements like Expressionism, Ready-made, Brutalism, Avant-garde, and Renaissance; and music movements like rock, hip-hop, punk, jazz, country and classical. Cool mixes like Avant-garde hip-hop, Ambient Brutalism and Gothic Country were created. The students were then tasked with designing an album cover that encompassed and reinterpreted the two. These are some of the hits.

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