Douglas Davis with a student holding poster
Douglas Davis' guest lecture
Douglas Davis guest lecture
Douglas Davis giving a talk
Douglas Davis with a class photo
Douglas Davis giving guest lecture
Douglas Davis guest lecture
Douglas Davis guest lecture in front of a slide

Douglas Davis’ Million Dollar Talk

Dec 03 2018

Victoria Holod

By Victoria Holod

Douglas Davis must have known that our first years were approaching the end of their first semester as he was the creative reboot that the class needed to reach the finish line. He is a quadruple threat – designer, speaker, educator and author, whose book Creative Strategy & The Business of Design is a must-read for right brain-designers to understand left-brain business clients.

Right off the bat, Douglas shook hands with each of our first years, asking everyone for their names and what they wanted to do after they graduated. A dialogue began to form, proving Douglas’ point that “none of us are as smart as all of us.”

In his one million dollar talk, Douglas taught the students to learn how to run the business of yourself in the importance of translating what designers are listening to when talking about projects with clients. His talk was incredibly eye-opening.

The class remains speechless, still thinking about his talk.

Douglas, thank you. You have truly inspired twenty-three students.

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