Emily Roemer Wins TDC Award for Typographic Broadsheet

Apr 07 2022

“For this particular project I wanted to set some harsh guidelines for myself in order to flex muscles I was not necessarily good at,” Roemer told TDC about The School Yard, a newspaper on school bullying produced for Debra Bishop’s broadsheet design class. “My two biggest rules were no color and nothing but typography (no illustrations or photos). Anyone who knows me, knows that designing in full B&W is not something I normally do. I started playing around with typography and how it can be a powerful tool for image making. I printed, scanned, cut up, stomped on, ripped, crumbled, different typefaces to express strong emotions. I think the experimental typography lent really well to the subject of the entire piece. The concept of ‘putting the pieces back together’ emotionally after being bullied was something I wanted to touch on. I think it also helped talk about a serious subject without being overly literal. Every piece in this broadsheet was made outside of the computer and photographed or scanned in to give it a very dynamic and tactile feel. The guidelines put in place at the beginning of the project lead to the overall success of the piece – in my opinion.”

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