glass case exhibits at Museum of Modern Art
painting at Museum of Modern Art
exhibit at Museum of Modern Art
exhibit at Museum of Modern Art

Evolving the Visual World

Dec 07 2022

by Natalia Ramirez

Our last (but never least) visit of the semester was with Paola Antonelli at MoMA, a brilliant and kind woman with whom we had a great conversation about art, design and their implications in contemporary culture. We browsed Never Alone, the recent exhibition on video game and interactive design throughout history, as well as a fascinating piece of digital art by Refik Anadol, who used AI technology to generate constantly evolving images rendered from the algorithm’s interpretation of the museum’s collection. It is always a pleasure to instruct our understanding of design with knowledge from related fields, and to meet the people who are directly involved in constantly evolving the visual world that surrounds us.


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