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Guest Lecture: Claire Parker

Dec 07 2020

Emily Roemer

Claire Parker, executive design director and managing partner at Design Bridge, spoke with us on Thursday. Her knowledge of branding and storytelling is unmatched. She started off by recalling her globe-trotting career at Design Bridge for the past 15 years and how awesome it is to work with great friends. She described her agency as “a small company with lots of people”  and went on to discuss how those people are at the heart of all creative endeavors. 

She took us through the rebrand of the Hellmann’s mayonnaise packaging and discussed how they focus on bringing the label back to its root story — Hellmann’s being born in a delicatessen. Finding the “truth and personality” of a heritage brand is key to making it work, she said. 

She said that every piece of work they do has a “golden thread” running through it. Design Bridge does not just practice ‘logo slapping’ they take branding the extra step by using all the key elements to make brands recognizable, memorable and human. She emphasized that the field of design is ‘death by 1000 paper cuts’ and everyone involved in the process should be in the “conversation” from start to finish making sure the golden thread is strung through. 

Claire talked about her work for Durex and how her team took the packaging from a busy design and overwhelming experience to a straightforward look that competes in the competitive condom market.—notably how the revised  branding has transitioned the company to focus more on honest conversations about sex and sexual health. Bravo! 

She also addressed Design Bridge culture today and how they are staying close and sane through covid-19. She said that at Design Bridge, “everyone is a star and they are all part of the constellation.” I thought that was a very thoughtful and uplifting thing to say. . 

Thank you so much Claire for sharing your positivity, wit, and amazing design work. We are very grateful that you made our week that much brighter.